Liberty and Justice For All



PT 3/3; Bonus! Enjoy LIBERTY and Justice for ALL!” Now that we’ve got a decent grasp on the fact that the highly secretive book, the “Talmud” calls for the enslavement, murder, rape, thieving, deceiving, disrespect and atrocious cruelty in general towards all of us by jews, the next thing to do is refocus all the hatred, discontent and ill will they have falsely created within you for others of your kind over the course of your lifetime, back towards them. You see, rather than uniting as one people like we consistently have with every single opportunity to do so as indigenous peoples in every continent on earth throughout history, they’ve created smaller groups of opposing sides on every topic imaginable to divide and weaken us. They used Religions, Languages, Race, Political Parties, Sports and all the inflammatory subjects you hear in their media 24/7 like gun rights, the environment, global warming, pollution, abortion, gay marriage, class warfare and the list goes on and on. Divide and conquer, divide and conquer! They’re why there’s not a muslim, christian, indian, atheist or other alive who gets their news from the mainstream media that doesn’t want to weaken, disband, remove, harm or even kill all the others!All famous figures such as Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Muhammad called for our unity because it equals freedom! Each of those seekers of peace and freedom were squarely opposed to Money Changers, Pharisees and Scribes, (all jews)! We must unite against this scum once again because they are and have always been our enemies.

We have all been equally and masterfully deceived and now it’s time to become equally enraged. IT’S TIME FOR THE FINAL DIVISION OF PEOPLE, THE ONLY ONE THAT WAS EVER REAL OR NECESSARY! THE ONLY DIVISION THAT WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE AND CHANGE OUR WORLD MASSIVELY FOR THE BETTER! “Jewesses” & “jews”, openly claim that we, men and women are not equals to them and that we are animals, not even human beings! So, it’s time to make sure we’re all aware of this! If we’re ever going to have peace on earth or even survive, it will be because good men and women finally awaken to realize we have long been massively deceived, manipulated, enslaved and abused by talmudic jews! They’re killing us! 100s of millions, no BILLIONS of us!! And once we’ve got that much figured out, the next thing to do is find out Who’s Who. One of the most important facets of the deadly jewish deception surrounding their New jew World Order is how they’ve covertly imbedded themselves into every kind of power position imaginable. It’s often done via indoctrinating non-jews into their many secret organizations and clubs like Yale’s Skull & Bones, the Free Masons and etc. which everyone’s becoming more familiar with as information about them spreads. It’s important to remember that those occupying the lower rungs of such clubs are often completely unknowing of their elder satanic associates. The other highly important and equally secretive agents of their creation and control are any persons who’ve been ensnared into satanic occultism via LaVayien organizations like the temple of set, church of satan and its’ later reformation as the first satanic church. Like everyone, these people have been used by jews and will be killed and/or enslaved by them just as the rest.

That brings us to one of the cabal’s favorite techniques to further confuse and conceal their identities and positions within society, let’s play “Good Jew, Bad Jew”! The first level of play is where friends and associates admit to jewry but deny knowing anything about the Talmud’s evil sides or say they don’t use it in their jewry. However, as ALL jews know, this is impossible. The Talmud is the cornerstone to jewry not the Torah. In fact the Talmud is THE MAIN, MOST IMPORTANT BOOK TO JUDAISM AND IT IS IN EVERY SINGLE JEWISH SYNAGOGUE IN THE WORLD, PERIOD. Without their Talmud, jews wouldn’t have holidays, traditions or laws! It’s central to jewry & isn’t secret to any jew but it was supposed to have been kept secret from us! You’ll recall that any goyem (us) who reads the Talmud should be killed! So, what are we saying here? We’re saying that “every jew is a bad jew except for a few”, and it’s the few who confuse me and you! So, our problem is what to do with the “except for a few”. Well, here’s the thing with that, since when does it makes sense to sacrifice the masses for the sake of the few? Did you say never? Correct. It makes no sense at all and that’s why we’ve always done the exact opposite. It is the sacrifices of few for the many that works, especially now. Having a 1 out of 100 chance of collateral damage is definitely acceptable! Think about it, we’re talking about losing America and genocide for 6.5 billion innocent, good and caring men and women like you and yours by a group of psychopathic, degenerate, talmudic jew filth who only make up less than .02% of the worlds’ population! That’s TWO HUNDREDTHS OF A SINGLE PERCENT OF PEOPLE ON EARTH WHO ARE EXECUTING THEIR ANCIENT PLANS TO MASS MURDER AND/OR PERMANENTLY AND UNMERCIFULLY ENSLAVE THE REMAINING 99.98%! Now how much focus should we be putting on the good jew/bad jew issue when a few good jews (if there are any at all) couldn’t make up more than .005% (that’s five 1,000ths of a percent) of our population? So, so sorry supposedly good jews. You chose the wrong team, it’s as simple as that. We’ll sort them out when feasible, but can’t let it debilitate us from carrying out justice while protecting ourselves and our republic! So, it’s simple, they ALL have to go! The other angle to this is equally true; Any good jews WILL JOIN WITH US TO BRING JUSTICE TO THE BAD ONES! OK, so now we know the only reasonable way to play the good jew/bad jew game is by not playing it at all. And with that determined we can also deduce that anyone who defends a communist jew is a traitor to humanity. Many will recall our Nazi President Bushes’ idea that “YOU’RE EITHER WITH US OR THE TERRORISTS”. Well, when you’re right you’re right! We’d all be wise to memorize and utilize that ideal with the ONLY REAL RACISTS AND TERRORISTS IN THE WORLD, TALMUDIC JEWS!!! Next we have the law, every jews favorite “occupation”. They now occupy every part of our legal system which makes it more difficult to simply eradicate large swaths of this murderous, heathenish, criminal scum from our midst. Look up darned near any attorney or judge and deep down in the cockles of their hearts you’ll find yourself nothing but loyal servitude to the luciferian money masters who depend on them and their bogus laws to empower, enrich and shield them from prosecution. Our justice system has been hijacked. If in doubt go to! (If you do, note that Bill Windsor is a zionist jew Shill! While everything on his site is true, he hides that jews are the problem!) So, this is where we have to rely on some old standbys like the Constitution, Natural Law, Common Law and Roman Law. You’ll find that in nearly every kind of law, excepting TALMUDIC Law, man has the right to defend himself from wrongful acts on the part of jews! This is especially true in terms of physical harm. That said, the only question remaining is whether or not jews already have and/or are trying to physically harm us? Are they a clear and present danger to America and even humanity itself? The answer is a blatantly obvious YES on 1,000s of counts. This is about as straight forward of a case of self-defense as anyone could possibly imagine. Just A FEW HUGE and easily provable examples are;

  • Chemtrails which have poisoned our air, bodies, soils, water and food thereby sickening and killing untold millions if not billions in the coming months due to famine from drought/heat related crop losses (There’s mountains and mountains of proof that any remotely LEGITIMATE COURT SYSTEM will have a cow over.)
  • Sodium Fluoride in public drinking water which has poisoned our bodies (Again, super-duper easy to prove)
  • Mercury, Aluminum, Formaldehyde, Viruses, Bacteria, Mold and various other toxin in Vaccines (Yet again ” “)
  • And to top it off, let’s not forget about the thousands of operations of democide now on public record via the freedom of information act which have resulted in unknown tens of millions of deaths right here in the good ole USA. Let’s also recall that every single one of them was due to our jewish Uncle Sam’s’ heinous experiments on the unsuspecting and completely innocent public. (You just can’t make this stuff up, the US and other zionist jew controlled governments have been experimenting with how to kill and enslave us for well over a century!)

It’s time to rid our country of talmudic JEWS! That’s simple and we have to start with their cronies, EVERY JUDGE, ATTORNEY, BANK OWNER/EXEC, COUNTY, STATE OR FEDERAL LEVEL POLITICIAN, TV/RADIO EXECUTIVE OR PRODUCER, NEWSPAPER/MAGAZINE OWNER, MGR OR EDITOR, HIGH RANKING MEMBERS OF SECRET CLUBS AND ABSOLUTELY EVERYONE WHO DOESN’T OPENLY AND GLEEFULLY JOIN US IN ERADICATING LUCIFERIAN JEWRY ON EARTH. (There’s the all-encompassing and final deciding factor) We have to retake our courts and justice systems in order to begin righting our republic. For starters, print/copy this and personally hand it to some police officers in your town WITHOUT SAYING A WORD. (Their radios record everything just like cell phones are, WATSON IS LISTENING) Cops need to know what’s going on more than anyone because they are unwittingly being used as the first line of defense by the murderous traitors we’re outing. All of the corrupt judges, attorneys, politicians, bankers, biz and media people depend on them for their safety FROM US AND JUSTICE. They are all awaiting martial law for ultimate protection by UN soldiers who are now trained and poised to carry out the largest, most sophisticated military offensive in the history of man in every free continent on earth starting with the US! (There are rumors of Chinese and Russian troops already being on US soil) Historically, as with all offensive military operations of this type it begins with the decommissioning of policing agencies. This means your local lower ranking police, civil servants and their families will be amongst the first to be eliminated by jews before the onslaught and round up of common citizens. This is why it’s in their interest to arrest their corrupt superiors along with all judges and attorneys AND/OR look the other way if we’re forced to take care of them. In cases where too many police are corrupt, it becomes our job and duty. Prepare yourself to bring the fight to the enemies even if as sole warriors. If you’d like to start having a little fun handing out some long overdue payback, email, fax or hand this to anyone you suspect of being corrupt then watch them squirm and run. Wave at them and honk your horn when driving past their homes and work places. This is psychological warfare and it works. (How would you feel being part of the .02% with the 99.98% after your hide!) It’s already happening across America. Jews, judges, attorneys and bankers are running like rats. Also, never forget they act as republicans, democrats, christians, muslims, atheists and etc. and their agents now occupy most leadership positions even in activist groups. If you’re in one, put your leader to the test by handing them this document and watch the sparks to fly! The same goes in all situations, some of your friends and sometimes even family members are going to shock you. Print/Copy and use this as your tool!

Be careful but don’t be timid and never forget God/Goodness and The LAW is 100% Behind Us. These are murderous, luciferian, pedophilic, criminal jew scum from hell. They are guilty of terrorism, racism, hate crimes, torture, mass murder, assault, rape, pedophilia, embezzlement and high treason just to name a few. They are Gods’ enemies not his chosen people!!! In fact, the true Hebrew definition of “Jehovah” is “the god of wickedness”! They seek to be his, evil chosen people not G-ds’ which is why they don’t allow the respectful use of the “o” in God! Also, they are the racists! Their Talmud, Kabbalah and Zohar are filled with murderous, racist, supremacist ideology. This of course lends understanding as to why their Kabbalah is used in evil occults like Yale’s’ skull & bones and free masonry the world over. All luciferian cults follow the Kabbalah. It’s the abomination of God, goodness and morality therein which gives them the excuse of conscious to carry out heinous atrocities upon innocent people, animals and the earth. It is why they can pursue selfish, immoral, shortsighted goals of indulgence, perversion and power with concerns only for the here and now rather than the good of Gaia and eternal existence of our Father and goodness. Align yourself (your soul) with God/goodness now, get right and get ready because what comes requires the whole of your ability to imagine, hope for and make real, a different future than what the cabalists have planned and brainwashed us into being parts to. Manifest destiny is real, to the extent of what’s actually possible, what we believe will happen, will happen. Now just stop and think about that and then ask yourself; what kind of a future do they have you believing in currently? What version of our destiny are you playing part to manifesting, theirs or yours? Do you see continuation of their world of perversion, pollution, environmental disaster, injustice, violence, greed, evil and hate or one of peace, purity, healing, morality, goodness, love, equality, freedom and prosperity? Whatever your answer was, realize this; it’s your decision to make.

Know that there are billions of us but you’re all that matters, it starts with you. Each of us is equally important and all of our lives and futures at stake. Our republic and freedom itself are on the line right this second and you’re calling the shots by believing what you choose to believe. Use your imagination and hope for something different until that is what you firmly believe. One major tip here is to stop watching all the doom and gloom on TV and from Hollywood. Can you see which future they’ve been programming you and everyone else to believe in? Why does most of the news these days look like it’s straight out of a bad Hollywood horror script? Could it be that deep down, we the people of the world are NOT idiotic, evil, hateful, greedy, war mongering psychopaths like our zionist jew, shit for brained leaders? Could it be that without them, we might instantly get back on track to a bright and wonderful future as the newest race of children to the stars? Are you willing to throw it all away and hand everything over to a degenerate group of worthless psychopathic, trillionaire turds? Of course not. So, we need our own New World Order, one without them and we’re the only ones who can make it happen. This is every American’s duty; there is no “someone else” whose job it is to save you, your loved ones or your country! It’s our job just like it’s always been and if we unite now we’re going to win the most important revolution in human history. These murderers and traitors are not magically going to disappear. We have to bring them to justice. The part that will blow your mind, is just how easy it’s going to be. Our enemies built their empire on lies and empty threats. It’s one huge confidence game and jews are “con-men”. Get it? They don’t really own or control jack shit! We the people of America and the world were given the earth by nature or God (which ever you believe) equally to enjoy and protect. And just guess whose feet fill all the boots on the ground in all those world armies and policing agencies?! It’s our sons/daughters, mothers/fathers, sister/brothers, friends and neighbors who zionist jews are 100% reliant upon to both protect and fight for them. Don’t buy into their fear mongering or submit to confusion, be clear in the facts that we only have one enemy who is an extreme minority among 7 billion good people and that the future of our souls are on a much better path than theirs! THEY ARE WRONG and WE ARE RIGHT BUT ONLY IF WE ACT! If not, we are evil and just as wrong as them, they know this! So, be fair and show them the same amount of mercy and respect as they’ve shown to us, our children, this great nation and our once pristine, beautiful planet earth. Prepare yourself and your spirit for what comes. THERE WILL BE NO MORE FREE RIDES, each of us must stand and fight. THOSE WHO SHRINK, COWER OR HIDE ARE TRAITORS TO THEIR FELLOW AMERICANS AND GOD and will be dealt with as such by both!

We are in the final throes of a fight for our lives and if you let them create martial law and bring the fight to you and yours, YOU WILL LOSE & DIE, PERIOD. If you dismiss the element of urgency hereto it WILL result in real life horror. This is not another “false alert” like 1984, Y2K or 12/21/12. Those were popularized in the media to condition everyone into states of complacency and disbelief for when the final battle is being waged, now! Read “The Everything Pages” for solid proof on the importance of these times. For instance, let’s see how they mocked us with pagan BS by looking at money. Silver Quarters, ½ Dollars & Dollars are the same weights in grains as the Height, Width & Length of the Kings chamber in the Great Pyramid! And on the back of the US $1 Bill; “Annuit Coeptis Novus Ordo Seclorum” means “Beginnings Approved” for a “New Order of the Ages” or “New World Order” which Bush Sr. publicly announced in 92. On the base of the pyramid reads MDCCLXXVI = 1776 the year jewish royals used Adam Wieshupt to create the Illuminati & George Washington to create America. Free Masons add 4,000 years to the calendar. 1776 + 4000 = 5776, the year of light (light = satan). The great pyramid completed is 5776” tall and its parameter is 3022’. 3022 biblical years is 2978 solar years. 2978 years before 2016 is 962 BC, the year of dedication for jewish King Solomon’s temple which means 6.5 billion people like you and yours need to start dying very soon from processes they have already begun in earnest. The revolution is NOW and there are many who are ready but we need every able minded person alive for this fight! Forget about skin color, democrat, republican, christian, muslim, atheist, young, old etc., WE ARE ONE PEOPLE WITH ONE RUTHLESS COMMON ENEMY, EVIL JEWS!

You’ll soon see the most damning evidence of the factualness of this in the actions of the opposition. These shitsteins will use every underhanded, cowardly, greaseball tactic in the book including bogus accusations of being anti-government, anti-semite or racist while working on your conscience using guilt and pity trips of every kind imaginable. If you and your people were hated for being murderous pieces of shit for a couple thousand years you’d get good at it too. Gentiles have been warring with jews since ancient times in every continent on earth. The thing is, since most of the ancient history is written in Hebrew, which is a language used solely by jews (try finding a course in Hebrew at your school or college), the rest of the world is in the dark. That and the fact that talmudic jew scribes (historians) consistently censor and destroy all history about themselves in our records while using their complete ownership and control over all our media to condition our minds from birth makes it easy to see why we are all dumbfounded now! Anyone who has done any research on the subject of jewery can testify to all their efforts to eliminate and obfuscate the truth about themselves especially on the internet. What many don’t realize is how delicate our digital data is. Any number of methods could be used to destroy and/or block our access. This is why our time at present is so valuable for sharing this news and information. There is no justification in waiting. Dropping the ball now would equal total defeat and the beginning of horrors that any freedom loving American could never live with.

The New World Order includes all the brutal and inhuman trappings of previous forms of slavery performed by jews around the world but with some extremely heinous, high-tech, fail-stops designed to make any chance of escape from enslavement impossible. It’s their dream world which they have been working towards for centuries. The NWO is based on a; one world communist government (The United Nations), one mandatory religion (satanism), one ID (RFID chips implants in our foreheads and their hands), one currency (digital via satellite and RFID’s), one bank (the jew IMF at the UN), absolute minimum pay ($1 day like all 3rd world people now), predetermined life spans, no travel, no vitamins – only pharmaceuticals, no hunting, no growing of personal food, no livestock, no pets, strict rules on limits of reproduction, mandatory use of your children for sex and blood sacrifices, and brutal Noahide Law with decapitations as punishment for even the most minor offences.There’s more, but those are a few of the more well-known things, many are already in the works (i.e. congress heralded the coming of Noahide Law, and has passed legislation restricting the growing of food and they’ve even created official Agenda 21 inhabitation zones on new maps for N America while experimenting with RFID’s on soldiers, welfare recipients and others along with purely baseless digital currencies like bitcoin for ultimate hand to mouth survival and enslavement for you and yours.)

Basically, death would be a welcome event over the New World Order for any of us, so if you’re going to be in fear that’s what to worry about! FYI: You are already on the only list that matters, it’s the one with all the non-jew/esses like you who are slated for precision round up, extermination and RFID tagging (if you’re young, attractive and dumb enough to submit to luciferian jew enslavement). That’s what the 900+ FEMA death camps in North America are for. Nothing you can do will get you off that list. So fear over our failing to share and unite is the only one worth feeling. Remember our odds are totally excellent if we are informed. We outnumber jews by 1,000 to 3 and their cronies (those who sold out) by 100 to 1. It’s time to unite with your fellow countrymen and women. And, while most know all about the 2nd amendment these days many have forgotten the value of the 1st. This isn’t good because your freedom of speech is paramount above all other rights! In fact, the 1st amendment is how all the rest came to exist and survive to this day. The valiant men and women who founded our great nation knew this would be the case, that’s why free speech is numeral uno! In fact they even knew that their enemies then, would be likely be our enemies now. Well, low and behold, they are one in the same, luciferian jews! And we’re destined to despise them just as much as our forefathers, if not more! That’s what free speech is for and 99% of its relevance and usefulness comes in the form of what’s known as “hate speech”. It’s how it was back then and still is today. Our ability to stand up and say when we don’t like someone, what they stand for or how they want us to live is the only reason we are free! So hate speech is no different than a bird chirping to warn others of danger. It’s the same as shouting “watch out” to someone who is about to be attacked from behind or is in the path of an oncoming bus or train. Those examples, as well as every other kind of threat imaginable, rely upon each of us having the right to speak freely. And now your future and that of our republic depend on the very same doctrine along with wholehearted readiness to use it! It’s been long said that hate speech is the best protection Americans have against any Nazi type regime in this country and it’s absolutely true. It’s time to make like Paul Revere and scream “watch out” to your fellow countrymen/women! Pass this along and remember that if this was all just BS, zionist jews wouldn’t care one bit about how many Americans have this information. They and all their crooked cronies wouldn’t lift a finger or waste a single breath in curbing its distribution. But, oh contraire, that is not the case. This is the truth friend, the whole and honest truth. This is real and it’s time to unite! This is American’s final civil war & the same motto they used last time, still applies now.    UNITE OR DIE ! Godspeed Compatriots!