Liberty Kennedy

This wonderfully bright child managed to leak a two page plea encoded with clues to reveal her captors.  Citizens like you are asked to take 5 minutes to help solve this horrific crime  (the worst in US historyand it’s working!   Thank you fellow Americans,  lovers of goodness and freedom, words cannot convey our appreciation!

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The Abduction of Liberty

PT 1/3; “The Abduction of Liberty”, an open investigation into the most heinous crime ever committed.   You now have before you the verbatim manuscript of a hand written note found by a Dreg Hunter on 3.31.13 near Lake Chelan, WA.  6 fingerprints were lifted but don’t match any on file, citizens are asked to help determine where and who these victims are.  What are believed to be the most important clues are bolded.  START;  Whoever finds this please, please help us!  The man in our house is trying to kill us.  My name is Liberty Kennedy, I have 4 brothers, 5 sisters and 11 nieces and nephews along with 3 children of my own here.  We’re from New York but were taken to live in the big white house with the wrought iron fence and long driveway here, wherever this is.  Here’s what happened;  About 10o years ago my mom & dad invited a British jew named Mayer Rothschild to our home.  They nicknamed him Sam, called hima brother and he says he’s our Uncle but he’s neither.  This man is a vile, horrible, hateful and evil thing that we have no ties to whatsoever.  Shortly after he arrived we found the house in shambles, my parents lain dead, both their necks slit while hanging upside down and bled over a pentagram.  He gloated about killing them with his friends and threatens the same for us if we don’t obey them.  He never lets us leave or see anyone except his pedophilic pals who are all top politicians, attorneys, judges, priests, bankers, media execs and a few business people. They only visit on certain dates which are always marked on a pagan calendar and dreaded with anticipation by all of us.  We’re under heavy surveillance 24/7 and they’re getting ready to implant RFIDs in us.  Even the most subtle resistance is met with extreme punishment and outright torture, even death.  The situation gets worse every year with more losses of freedoms.  We have internet but it’s censored like in China, except for my oldest brother and sister Peggy & David who have special privileges to help Sam take care of his banking business.   They’ve done tons of research on Sam and his ilk and are going to put up a website when the time is right.  Other than them, the last one who exposed our captors was our beloved brother John who they mercilessly shot in the head in front of all of us.  (It was filmed and is shown often)  This next part is my worst nightmare which I live out in every waking hour.  This isn’t easy. . . Sam and his friends brutally rape all of us as children.  They’ve killed 2 of my sisters and untold 1,000s of others in secret dungeons with alters to “sacrifice” them to satan while making other kids watch as part of something called MK Ultra.  They say their churches, “the Synagogue of satan” and “Temple of Set” are legal corporations in nearly every country on earth which are overcoming all other religions.  Our belief in God and/or goodness is the only reason any of us are still alive.  But things are getting very, very dark now.  The children have accepted things as being normal because they don’t know what it used to be like and we, the elders are forgetting too.  It’s all about the information we’re fed.  My siblings and I were always home schooled but the first thing Sam did was destroy our books.  Now we only learn what they want us to, mostly about how to perform menial labors (growing food, tending their livestock, keeping the house, farm, equipment and infrastructure in order).  He and his friends also control everything we see and hear about the world.  They only give us bits and pieces of news and have complete control over the TV and radio.  All we get is bad news, worthless political drama, ridiculous reality shows, and films about warlocks, vampires, the end of the world and completely degenerate smut.  It is nothing for all of us and the children to watch what can only be called soft porn all hours of the day.  My brothers and sisters (the elders among us) are pretty sure most of the news is completely made up by Sam and his friends.  It gets so ridiculous at times we know it’s not real.  Another thing we discovered is they read a secret book, the “Talmud” which calls for non-jews to be their slaves.  The slave thing makes sense because they pay us with money originally taken from our family board game “monopoly”.  For some reason Sam drew little pyramids with eyes on the backs of them which he claims is no different than real money and of equal value.  He said it’s all just made up, printed out of thin air by his relatives at their Central Bank, the FED which they have one of in nearly every country on earth.  All their currency is worthless, it’s used to enslave humanity who are asleep, under their spells.  The thing is, his friends and relatives are all evil psychopaths who use magic to conjure real demons.  There are pentagrams, six pointed stars and a single eye like the one on the back of the money everywhere.  Everything they do is evil and all they do is LIE and LIE just like the devil.  Anyway, that fake, worthless monopoly money is what we use to buy stuff and food from them, mostly just junk like candy and corn/potato chips because they’re cheap.  They sell all of the toxic meat and produce we grow to their food companies for distribution to the general public and then buy organic, non-GMO vegetables and meats for themselves.  Another horrifying thing is how they treat our livestock, pets and animals in general.  It’s as if they want to punish, destroy and ruin anything of goodness and/or nature.  All my dogs and cats end up dying early from their abuse or poisoning.  They have been my only true friends in life, all loving, playful and innocent, I know we all feel the same way about them which is surely why they’re treated so horribly by our captors.  The livestock have it the worst of all, we have chickens, geese and pigs that have NEVER seen the sun or gotten let out of their tiny, filthy cages built on cold cement floors.  They’re so miserable and sick we have to pump them full of antibiotics just to reduce the inflammation and pain in their bodies which are literally full of tumors, infections and puss from being given growth hormones.  That’s why none of us eat them, their meat is toxic.  Most have permanent fevers and again, will never get out of their cages which prevent them from being near, cuddling or playing with their parents or siblings, EVER.  Just darkness and sickness with death as they’re only hope for relief.  Sam says this is called “factory farming” and it’s horrifying, this is not how my parents treated their animals.  Nor did they dump pesticides, fungicides, insecticides and every other kind of toxic substance on our crops.  I’m letting you know it’s all due to Sam & his friends, before they came along things were decent in America.  Now everyone’s fat, diabetic, tired, sick with allergies, asthma, toilet problems, mental issues and hate.  It seems that we’re always lashing out against one another for no reason.  Sam and co. constantly trick us into hating and blaming each other for our problems but when I have a chance to stand back, I know none of its true.  We’re all one people/family, THEY ARE OUR ONLY TRUE ENEMIES.  But still, he makes me hate my own sisters and brothers and they me, on a daily basis through tricks and manipulation of simple idiosyncrasies like being liberal or conservative in nature.  The mental side of things is truly bleak, he has us on Prozac which he says makes us happy but it doesn’t, it just make us more sick and tired to the point of giving up.  The only reason I’m able to think clear enough to write this now is because he ran out of pills a few days ago and the fog has lifted.  But he just made us take 2 “catch up” pills and I found a jug of “Sodium Fluoride” by the cistern where all our water is stored.  It turns out to be the main ingredient in Prozac and Rat Poison.  They also use it and other soft metals like aluminum and mercury in vaccines to weaken and dumb us down like Hitler did (he was one of them too).  Please help me!  They have installed electronic antennae that use ELF & EMP waves which are definitely affecting our sleep patterns and thoughts, we’re all being mind controlled.  And along with our food, water & vaccines they’re now poisoning the very air we breathe with planes in the sky just like Sams’ friends did in Vietnam, except now its with nano particles of aluminum and barium to produce “Chemtrail” clouds that trap heat on earth and create drought.  This is why it’s been so hot and dry recently and why jet contrails now turn into clouds!  Also, the aluminum is changing the soil PH in farmlands everywhere.  Sam got patented GMO seeds from his pals at Monsanto (who also supplied them with agent orange) that withstand heat, drought and aluminum because natural seeds don’t.  But the GMO food harvested makes people sick and weakens their immune systems.  Sam tells us poisoning everyone with toxic, GMO foods is part of the final stages of “culling”  6.5 billion gentiles like you on earth in the coming months.  They even used one of their evil clubs called the Rosicrucians to erect the Georgia Guidestones 33 years ago to announce to the world they were going to be doing this.  He says his cabal has used Democide throughout history with 260 million innocents like you and yours killed in just the last century alone and IT’S TRUE.  They’re poisoning everyone, including YOU RIGHT NOW!  It’s why diabetes, cancer, heart disease and 1,000s of other diseases have skyrocketed recently.  I am writing this plea in triplicate on 3 sheets of butcher wrap because it’s all I have.  The delivery method shall be the only one left without their oversight, that being the strong wind for which we’ve been waiting seemingly forever to blow both hard enough and in the right direction.  We call it “the wind of change” and it is finally blowing through, our only hope is this makes it to someone who cares about America, freedom and justice.  Someone who will stop Uncle Sams’ Talmudic, luciferian puppets who created Americas’ economic collapse, all the wars and killing along with every single horror going on around you and the rest of the world.  Most people on the outside don’t even know their own leaders are doing all this crap on purpose as part of what they call a “New World Order”.  They created a corporation just for the job called the “United Nations” and their “Agenda 21” is how the UN has already taken control of 68% of Americas’ National Parks, next comes everything else.  The UN COMMUNIST WORLD GOVERNMENT IS SET UP TO OWN EVERYTHING, YOUR LAND, HOME, CARS, EVERYTHING!  They’re now planning a pandemic to kill 13 out of 14 Americans in the coming months and then chipping and enslaving the youths that remain in the 900+ areas in N. America designated for FEMA camps.  This is all straight from Uncle Sams’ criminal pals at the White House!  Well, I’d better tell you who some of Big Brothers’ friends are so you can hunt them down and do whatever comes natural (ie; kill them!).  I for one expect no mercy for these evil, Talmudic degenerates have exhibited less than none for Us, Animals or the Earth.  A few treasonous liars are; Biden, Obama, the Bushes, Clintons, every single member of congress and parliament, all governors, British royalty, popes and TRILLIONAIRE jewish banking families like the Rothschilds.  This is exactly the same group of, evil, lying turds who’ve been playing on the same team against Americans like you since our forefathers gave their blood and lives to defeat them in 1776.  The scum sucking, tax loving, satanic British banking cabal we fought way back then hasn’t changed at all and they’ve infiltrated our country to its’ core.  Our courts and nearly all public offices are occupied by these satan worshipping degenerates.  Justice and democracy is dead in America.  Oh, and the British people are just like us, slaves to these same pedophile royals & elites!  And just wait until you read the “Everything Page” to see what their secret book the Talmud says about you!  You are nothing more than a slave to them, they don’t care about you AT ALL.  We have all been deceived.  Please, please help us because we are you!  LITERALLY, THIS IS ALL HAPPENING TO YOU RIGHT NOW!!!  I am you and you are me, we have all lost our “LIBERTY”!  Get it?

WAKE UP MY FRIEND!  You, your friends and loved ones are all about to die at the hands of elitist jew filth in the name of their New World Order of communism and slavery for America and the world!


Please note that this story/site is quite literally the only one like it that’s 100% safe to share with absolutely anyone without fear of repercussions.  Why you ask?  Because who’s to say you actually came here and read Libertys’ story?  You and/or anyone might just as well have simply forwarded a link to all your friends immediately upon hearing of her abduction.  In fact we’re seeing 1 out of 3 people do just that, simply because many are too busy to read but wanted to help.  So, you can feel perfectly safe in sharing a link to this on FB, Twitter, via email and etc. without concerns of being “put on a list”.  That’s the beauty of!  Use it now before it’s gone!!!  And don’t forget, the same is also true w/her posters.  Print and hang them everywhere!


The Everything PAGE

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PT 2/3; “The Everything Page” The legal size version of this document fits on a single sheet of paper. This however is the Letter version for printing on 2 sheets of standard 8.5” x 11” paper front and back. Warning: although short, this read takes constitution, wisdom and wits, get ready to use all you’ve got of each while learning the most important secrets of your life, hidden from you since birth. This work is the product of 4 years of research into over 600 documentaries, 1800 books and countless other well documented, historical sources. There is no jumping to conclusions or irresponsible claims. Take note of those who don’t spend the time or care enough to help you in this cause to save our republic, this is the fight of our lives and there are NO FREE RIDES.

Hello fellow patriot, this is a game of tag & YOU’RE IT! Thank you for standing tall! Your countrymen and loved ones are reliant on you to protect our republic from a “Communist New World Order(Those aren’t just silly words) Upon finishing, hand this to the next person. Think of it as a hot potato! Firstly; what did J. Edgar Hoover mean by; “The individual is handicapped by coming face-to-face with a conspiracy so monstrous they cannot believe it exists”. What concerted lie could be so big we can’t believe it exists?

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Liberty and Justice For All



PT 3/3; Bonus! Enjoy LIBERTY and Justice for ALL!” Now that we’ve got a decent grasp on the fact that the highly secretive book, the “Talmud” calls for the enslavement, murder, rape, thieving, deceiving, disrespect and atrocious cruelty in general towards all of us by jews, the next thing to do is refocus all the hatred, discontent and ill will they have falsely created within you for others of your kind over the course of your lifetime, back towards them. You see, rather than uniting as one people like we consistently have with every single opportunity to do so as indigenous peoples in every continent on earth throughout history, they’ve created smaller groups of opposing sides on every topic imaginable to divide and weaken us. They used Religions, Languages, Race, Political Parties, Sports and all the inflammatory subjects you hear in their media 24/7 like gun rights, the environment, global warming, pollution, abortion, gay marriage, class warfare and the list goes on and on. Divide and conquer, divide and conquer! They’re why there’s not a muslim, christian, indian, atheist or other alive who gets their news from the mainstream media that doesn’t want to weaken, disband, remove, harm or even kill all the others!All famous figures such as Jesus, Buddha, Moses and Muhammad called for our unity because it equals freedom! Each of those seekers of peace and freedom were squarely opposed to Money Changers, Pharisees and Scribes, (all jews)! We must unite against this scum once again because they are and have always been our enemies.

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